Daily Archives: July 12, 2019

Canada Bound

(No, not us.)

Those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time know that my Motor Man builds performance engines for hydroplanes (race boats) as well as cars.

One of our engine customers is scheduled to leave today for a big hydroplane race in Valleyfield, Canada.  So things have been busy at our shop this week, getting everything ready.

Here are the specs about this particular boat:  it is a Grand Prix Hydroplane with a 468 cu. in. engine with 1200 horsepower. It burns 6 gallons of alcohol per MINUTE during a race. The engine turns 8000 rpm, and the blower (supercharger) turns 9600.  Straightaway speed is around 170-190 mph.

Motor Man thought it would be fun if I actually sat in the boat. There’s a ladder to climb up on this thing. It’s about 29 feet long and 14 feet wide and tilts on the trailer for transport on the highway.

Whew, I made it up there.

I cannot imagine being enclosed in this capsule and driving those speeds. (As a side note, all hydroplane drivers are required to periodically pass a “dunk test”.  The driver (wearing a helmet) is strapped in a capsule, it’s pushed over in a swimming pool, and they are to escape.  Speaking of the unimaginable…).  I found a You-tube showing a dunk test. https://youtu.be/5xfyCMv-Hs8. It’s a bit lengthy, so you may want to just fast forward to the interesting scary part.)

It was all fun and games until they closed (and latched) the lid on the capsule. I agreed to that happening with strict orders that they only leave it closed for ONE SECOND.

So good luck and safe travels this weekend to our customer, Jim, and his driver, Tony.

~These Days Of Mine~