The Oak Ridge Boys…And Zombies

Did that blog post title get y0ur attention? And “zombies”: there’s a word I never thought would be included in any of my blog posts.  More about that later.

Several months ago, my long-time friend, Bev, learned that The Oak Ridge Boys would be in concert in Hopewell, a city a little over an hour from us.  Back in the day, she and I LOVED listening to their music. And we saw them in concert back in the early 1980’s at Scope, a huge arena in Norfolk.  Our seats were so far from the stage, the group looked like ants. But we enjoyed hearing (and “kinda” seeing) them perform live.

So, we got tickets to the show in Hopewell, which was Sunday night, August 10.  We met Bev and her husband, Bill, at a nearby restaurant for dinner before the concert.  Right outside our window were the most beautiful hanging baskets of petunias. The hummingbirds put on quite a show for us. I think the slight glare from the windowpane gives this picture a nice watercolor effect.

Then, on to the concert. This venue is much smaller than Scope, and we had seats on the 11th row from the stage.  Thanks, Bev, for the picture.

Now…. on to the zombie part of today’s post:

This is a slideshow of what we saw on the side streets just a couple of blocks from the concert venue.

It seems that they were filming a spin-off of “The Walking Dead”, which I understand has something to do with zombies.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

During the concert,  Joe Bonsall, spokesman for the group, would occasionally chat with the audience between songs. During one of those breaks, he asked if  we’d all seen the movie set. Then added that, of course, there weren’t any zombies there right now.  And a woman in the audience yelled out: “We’re all HERE!”.

The entire audience erupted in laughter, as did the guys on stage.

The show went on, and, thankfully, we made it out of Hopewell and back home without spotting the first zombie.

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7 responses to “The Oak Ridge Boys…And Zombies

  1. How exciting….a favorite group on stage…..dinner with friends…..and zombies just down the street. I must admit, that’s a whole lot of action in one evening!

    p.s. We have the DVD of “Night Of The Living Dead” (the original) – it’s an old favorite at Halloween

  2. Always loved listening to the Oak Ridge Boys with Dad – brought back smile memories! Sounds like you had quite the night. That set is something else, and I thought the same thing – glad I don’t have to clean it up! Hummingbird picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. You two always find an adventure! But I’m glad you didn’t run into any zombies. 😉 We had Hollywood crews in our hometown last week filming something for a Discovery Channel show I think. Those film crews seem to like our town as this is the 4th or 5th time some have come to town in the last few years.

  4. Makes me think of …. Elvira – Cassandra Peterson… she’s been at a few conventions I’ve been to, but I’ve never met her. But maybe next time ! I never got in to Walking Dead, but glad y’all didn’t run into any undead while you were there !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Interesting evening indeed but what fun. Chuck and I are Oak Ridge Boys fans too. Who knows maybe there were Zombies in the audience! lol

  6. What an awesome and unique experience for a fun filled day. 😀

  7. What an experience! A wonderful show, a movie set and hummingbirds, not to mention being in an audience full of zombies, lol, how fun!

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