It’s A 1949

A few weeks ago, Motor Man and I happened to notice an interesting looking old vehicle located not far from our shop.

Our buddy, “Lugnut”, frequently works at that location, and a few days later when we passed by and saw him,  we stopped.

Turns out, it’s his vehicle. Motor Man insisted I climb inside and sit in the driver’s seat. (Since this project is a “work in progress”, it probably wasn’t the best day for me to be wearing white slacks.)

This is a 1949 Ford, built as a mail truck. It’s hard for me to remember: mail truck or milk truck. I had to message Lugnut as I was writing this post and ask him again.

The previous owner had begun transforming it into an ice cream truck. Although it’s a Ford,  it now has a Chevrolet “heart” (Motor Man’s word for engine).

Lugnut isn’t sure what his exact plans are for this sweet little truck.

Ice cream, anyone?

~These Days Of Mine~







6 responses to “It’s A 1949

  1. You’re right – what a sweet little truck! Would be neat to see it tooling around town again. ….And I do remember the day when the Colony Farms milk truck delivered milk to us. My goodness – you took me down memory lane this morning.

  2. That is a cool little truck – David loves it (no surprise!).

    Hugs, Pam

  3. I love old things brought back to life. Hope he finds a happy purpose for this beauty.

  4. It’s cool seeing it out and about around town !

  5. It is so cute!!! I love its shape!

  6. That would be a great attention getter.

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