Poetic Thursday: The Recital

Once again this week, I’m participating in Poetic Thursday with Pam and her two “boys” over at Two Spoiled Cats.

Each Thursday, they provide a photo as inspiration and invite their readers to write a poem, based on the photo, and share it in comments on the blog post the following Thursday.

This was our photo for this week’s inspiration:

The Recital

White dress, hair bow and a booster seat;
A pedal extender for her feet.

Her first recital was a formal affair,
Parents and grandparents were so proud to be there.

She practiced for weeks for this special night
And gave no thought to the dreaded stage fright.

Her performance complete, everyone stood:
“Bravo!” ‘Chopsticks’ never sounded so good!

My poem last week was heartfelt and serious, so this week, I went for something fun. I’m sure this little girl is an accomplished pianist, and I don’t mean to make light of her talent.

Be sure to visit Two Spoiled Cats today to read Angel Sammy’s and their readers’ poems.

~These Days Of Mine~



5 responses to “Poetic Thursday: The Recital

  1. Fabulous! I love it……it was totally cute and for all we know, this tiny little girl really “rocked” Chopsticks with her proud parents watching. I remember being quite proud of myself just being able to play something simple when I took lessons. Thanks for participating in poetry day – it’s easy to get hooked isn’t it!


  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! You know I thought of you when I saw the picture and then read the poem. ….And you play beautifully too!!! APPLAUSE!

  3. Dianna, I didn’t know you were such a good poet! The poem is perfect for the photo. Love it!

  4. Definitely a new talent emerging here on TheseDays !! maybe there should be a “WordFUL Wednesday” once in a while ?!

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Light, fun, and awesome. Love it. ❤

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