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Poetic Thursday: The Hitchhiker

Once again this week, I’m participating in Poetic Thursday with Pam and her two “boys” over at Two Spoiled Cats.

Each Thursday, they provide a photo as inspiration and invite their readers to write a poem, based on the photo, and share it in comments on the blog post the following Thursday.

This is the photo for today’s poem:

And here is my poem:

The Hitchhiker

We look at this picture and feel sadness and fear
and can’t help but wonder how you came to be here.

Bad people, bad choices, or no fault of your own?
Family? Friends? Do they know you’re alone?

Your pile of belongings there by your side;
will you trust anyone who offers a ride?

Or….maybe the scene is about to start,
And you’re just an actress playing the part?

If you’d like to see “Angel Sammy’s” poem, as well as those submitted by Pam’s readers, you can visit her blog here.

~These Days Of Mine~