Daily Archives: September 20, 2019

Change Of Plans, Per The Atlantic

Yesterday, Motor Man and I had a little ‘down time’, so we planned a quick trip to the beach to see the wild horses.

And…..the mighty Atlantic made short work of our plans.

First, here’s a picture showing what the beach is like on most of our trips:

This is what we found yesterday:

Things were a little dicey.

The tide was just too high to safely drive on the beach.  So, less than a half mile later, we decided to cancel our plans. This was on our way back off the beach.

Yes, just a little concerning. This is the backside of the sign in my third picture (above). In some spots, there was very little travel area between the dunes and the ocean.

Here’s a quick video I took of that angry ocean once we were safely off the beach. Obviously, the red flags were flying to warn folks that no swimming was allowed.


And this is that same fence on a much calmer day:

So,  no horse sightings on this quick trip.  But, we’ll return soon and, most likely, find much more favorable conditions.

~These Days Of Mine~