Here We Go Again

We’re expecting a very unwelcome visitor intruder today.  Yes, Hurricane Dorian began knocking on our southeast door last night. He kept us awake quite a bit.

I’ve shared several posts in the past about hurricanes, some recent ones that we’ve experienced just in the years that I’ve been blogging. In no particular order: Irene, Hermine, Florence, Sandy, Joaqun, Harvey, Julia and Matthew. Of course, all of those weren’t major storms by the time they reached us.  And some affected the Outer Banks much more than where we live in southeast Virginia.

So, in anticipation of Dorian’s arrival, yesterday afternoon, Motor Man and I battened down the hatches, made sure we had plenty of water, food, etc, took down the bird feeders and hanging plants. AND…

We ratcheted our old boat to the even older cedar tree in our side yard.

We were given that old boat a little over ten years ago and placed it by that old cedar.  It’s seen a couple of weddings, several family reunions and a couple of “poker run parties”.  And, it’s also seen its share of hurricanes, snowfalls and nor’easters.

This picture was taken in the aftermath of one of those storms, in which we lost a good portion of the cedar. It’s a good thing Motor Man had secured the boat: during the storm, the wind and high tide moved it perpendicular to its original location.

So, Dorian, please hang a right VERY  soon.

We hope the old boat (and the cedar) are around for many more years.

*After writing this, it occurred to me that it’s rather frivolous of me to be writing about a boat and a tree after so much devastation in the Bahamas and the states south of us.  We’re definitely keeping all those affected by Dorian close in thought.

~These Days Of Mine~




12 responses to “Here We Go Again

  1. Hopefully Dorian will just do a “glancing blow” as it passes out to sea your way. We still can hardly believe the photos from the Bahamas – storms are so unpredictable as this one proved to be. Stay safe!


  2. yep- pretty nasty out there at the moment.. hopefully it won’t get much worse. & I’m hoping the old boat and cedar hang around for awhile, too

  3. That hurricane sure has been taking its time moving along and I’m praying it moves on out to sea quickly so it doesn’t do any more damage or cause loss of life. So devastating to see what it’s done so far. Stay safe. Hope your power stays on.

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Praying all stays safe and this storm ends soon. Hope your boat and tree weathers the storm. Be safe friends. ❤

  5. Here’s hoping Dorian hangs a right and keeps going out to sea.
    Take care. Stay safe.

  6. It sounds pretty bad along the East Coast. I hope you are OK and th horses also.

  7. I love the look of the old noat under the Cedar. It makes a lovely picture and says alot about the things under your care.

  8. Frivolous or not, you were still affected by the storm. This was the one that just wouldn’t quit. I can’t believe how it just kept going and going. We ended up leaving South Florida for a few days when initially it was forecast to plow right into Palm Beach County as a cat 4. Of course, Dorian couldn’t seem to make up it’s mind and in the end we got very lucky indeed. It’s a nerve-wracking time for all in the projected path.
    My heart goes out to the Bahamas and it’s people. Our school is organizing a drive and working with some companies to drop different types of supply kits (in sealed homedepot buckets) on to the islands.
    I just read yesterday though that they really need money more than anything. There’s no place to store things since so much of the infrastructure was destroyed. 😦

  9. VERY thankful that our brush with Dorian was light, but prayers for those in the Bahamas – especially. You reminded me of several stormst that I’d forgotten about. WHEW!!!

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