They Wanted HIS Autograph

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned that my son, Marshall, is a movie buff, his favorite genre being horror films. Because of that interest, he occasionally attends movie conventions (Monster Mania and the like) and has met many celebrities in the past few years.

You may recall this picture from earlier this year, taken when he participated in a “bloody photo op” with the Soska twins, Sylvia and Jen.

The Soskas also attended the convention last weekend. And Marshall had a gift for them.  He made a 3D shadowbox of a poster from their debut movie in 2009, and presented it to them at the convention.

I think they appreciate all the work he put into this.

Normally, at these conventions, the celebrities sit behind a table and autograph items for their fans.  This weekend, the “tables were turned” when Sylvia and Jen asked Marshall for his autograph on the shadowbox.

Yes, I do believe he appreciated their way of saying thanks.

No wonder he enjoys going to those conventions so much….

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6 responses to “They Wanted HIS Autograph

  1. Well not being a fan of horror I’m not familiar with those ladies but it looks like Marshall is MOST appreciate of their “thanks” for his fabulous shadowbox gift! Looks like he’s enjoying every second of it.


  2. Interesting, hilarious and fantastic
    I KNOW they loved the shadow box-so uniquely perfect!

    Love the pics, and I haven’t seen Marshall so happy since he got that Tonka truck when he was 7!! 🤣

  3. I agree that I’m not familiar with the genre or talented actresses, but I can definitely spot appreciation – they appreciated his talent and gift. Good for him!!!

  4. You can just tell from the photos that they loved that gift. I bet those hugs from the ladies made Marshall’s day!

  5. great post !! they’re something else.. I’ve met them five times now and gotten autographs on a couple of items – they’re two of one of a kind ; )

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So great to see that smile on Marshall’s face. You can see how much he is in to it. I am sure he is a star to them too.

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