Poetry Thursday: Two Little Heroes

It’s Thursday: time for poetry. Once again, I am participating in Pam’s Poetic Thursday over at Two Spoiled Cats.  Please visit Pam and her boys to read the poems submitted today.  Here’s the photo they provided us last week for inspiration:

And here is my poem:

Two Little Heroes

The little girl said, “Just look at him, he’s so very mean;
he’s the biggest bully I’ve ever seen.

Making fun of her and calling her names,
laughing at her when we play games.

It hurts my feelings when he makes her cry.
Why does he do it? Do you know why?”

“No, I don’t,” the boy replied. “It makes me sad,too.
Do you have a plan? What can we do?”

“I know!” said the girl. “Let’s just be her friend.
If the others do that too, the teasing might end.

Let’s stand up against him and show him he’s wrong.
If we do this together, we can be strong.”

“Yes,”  said the boy. “Let’s give that a try.
She shouldn’t be bullied just ’cause she’s shy.”

So the tables were turned on the bully that day,
and two brave children led the way.

They made a change in their corner of the world,
and life was better for one little girl.

If only.

~These Days Of Mine~


7 responses to “Poetry Thursday: Two Little Heroes

  1. Everyone needs to live your poem Well-said and perfect for the photo. I know it’s a personal poem for you too. A lot of us can identify.

  2. Sweet poem…..I certainly can identify with it and wish someone had stood up for me MANY times in my life. Thanks for being a poet with us every week now – I’m glad you’re HOOKED!!


  3. Dianna…you are very very good at this!

  4. Well done ! .. the verses fit the image perfectly .. they really do look like they’re about to make a stand …

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wonderful poem that captures the picture perfectly and our school years.

  6. Joyce M. Westphal

    Loved this. Greast poem.

  7. Your poem fit that photo so well. I love your poems as they come straight from your heart. ♥

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