Furiday: Boss Lady

Today, I have evidence of just how spoiled/lucky/content/loved a kitty can be.

As those of you who have kitties know, their favorite “spot” seems to change from time to time. Our shop kitty, Gypsy’s, current spot is my office chair. Notice the chair to the right….the hard one…with no arm rests…. that’s the one I am using quite a bit now that the boss has claimed mine.

And she’s looking rather smug about the situation.

As you can see, the chair back doubles as her scratching post. And, yes, she does have a REAL one.

But it’s difficult to be upset with something so adorable.

Even though she’s enjoying my her chair these days, sometimes she just can’t resist her long-time favorite spot: Motor Man’s lap. Just how content is she?  Those hind feet tell the story.

Need further proof of her cuteness? (There is sound with this video. And, by the way, don’t we all speak baby-talk to our pets? And does it sound as silly to them as it does to us when we hear it recorded?)

But, as Marshall noted, she does have a plaque.

So, I suppose she does deserve the soft, cushy chair after all.

~These Days Of Mine!



11 responses to “Furiday: Boss Lady

  1. We know who runs that shop for sure! Couldn’t see the video (says it’s “private”) but I’m sure it’s cute with Gypsy starring in it. Try to enjoy that uncomfortable chair – we NEVER disturb the kitty around here either! HAHA


  2. Video is visible now, and it is easy to see that Gypsy is one LOVED kitty!!! …And she knows it!

  3. Joyce F in Kansas

    Enjoyed this Gypsy post and video

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Gypsy is so fun to watch and hear about. She knows who;s Boss. lol

  5. She’s something else.. I love the last pic.. she’s got that “duh.. it’s in writing right here ” look on her face ; )

  6. Adorable! At least you had a chair to use.

  7. So cute!! Looks like a happy, adaptable family situation to me.
    With Gypsy as office manager!!

  8. love the paws up photo, so content! 🙂 MJ

  9. Well, of course she gets the good chair…she IS the boss lady of the shop! The video was adorable and I loved how she responded to your voice. And yes, we do all talk to our pets in baby talk, why? I don’t know, but they seem to like it!

  10. She’s adorable and I would let her have the ‘good’ chair anyway. I am always up and down and running to the shop at work. I always take the chair with no arms every time.

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