Birthday Balloon

You may recall that Motor Man and I have a friend, Mark, who is a hot air balloonist. We’ve taken a few rides with him, and have helped with many launches and landings.

I enjoy taking pictures and sharing them later with the passengers.

Saturday, our friend, Donna, had the opportunity to ride. She had been on a short balloon flight several years ago, but this one was probably about an hour long. And the timing was just about perfect: her birthday is next weekend.

As the crew was preparing the balloon for the launch, Donna was ‘hands on’, helping hold the envelope open as it was being filled with cold air.

And, of course, we had to take time for a quick selfie.

The balloon flights are usually VERY early in the morning; sunrise shots are worth the early wake-up call.

And I never tire of taking pictures of the “fire in the balloon”.

Soon it was time for take off. Donna shared the ride with a sweet couple celebrating an anniversary.

Bye!  Have fun!

It was a beautiful morning for a flight, and it was fun to “chase” the balloon. Their flight took them over some of our county’s beautiful cotton fields, just waiting to be picked.

After the flight, Motor Man and I joined Donna and the balloon crew for brunch at a local restaurant.

l-r: crew chief Luke, Donna, pilot Mark, myself and Motor Man

Donna shared with us that, during the flight, Mark and the other passengers sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

I’d say she’s getting this birthday celebration “off” to a good start.

~These Days Of Mine~


9 responses to “Birthday Balloon

  1. A balloon ride with folks singing Happy Birthday to her sounds like a wonderful start for Donna’s birthday celebrations. Looks like a picture-perfect morning for that ride too…………


  2. Dianna!! What a particularly appealing blog! 😉
    The day was picture perfect, pun intended. There was so much preparation, photos and laughter before, I had no time to be apprehensive (many people have asked was I scared-honest answer- at no point!) HOWEVER, when it came time to get in the basket, chest high, and steps missing in action, I was like how are these short legs going to get in!! Luke and crew helped me scramble in, and for some reason, getting out a cinch!
    The flight was like suspension in a crystal ball, or snow globe. Smooth , gentle swaying and magical. Seeing deer running in the woods, huge bonus point.
    Even nicer, having friends below, Dianna and team following, and Mark and lively couple, Eve and Eric in basket….I honestly don”t know how it could have been more perfect!
    I highly recommend Coastal Balloons with Mark and team
    Put a little magic in your life, take a flight you will always remember 💙
    Thanks to everyone that made this adventure perfection ☺

  3. What a great way to enjoy a mornings beauty, and sharing it with a friend makes it even more special.

  4. Always a pleasure, opening my first email and seeing what adventure you’re on. Great photos too!

  5. Excellent choice for a birthday adventure ! .. and that next to last pic … perfect .. Happy Birthday, Donna !

  6. What a perfect ‘launch’ to your Birthday Season, Donna!!! Looks like so much fun for you. The pictures were great.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Our friend certainly started her birthday week with a bang!! So glad she had this opportunity. Love the pictures, Dianna.

  8. Beautiful pics! Happy Birthday week to Donna! Totally agree with Marshall – the pic of the balloon over the cotton field is spectacular:) When we lived in Louisville in the early 80’s we went to see the early morning prep and sendoff of the balloons competing in the Derby week Great Balloon Race. It’s definitely ranked as one of my all time best memories.The KFC chicken shaped balloon was the craziest! Now as for ME actually riding in one…. I’d likely be a “chicken” !!!

  9. What an exciting way for your friend to celebrate her birthday! Love the photos!!!

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