Limited Access, But Enough

Motor Man and I were hesitant about going to the beach yesterday. That area had some heavy rain this past week, and we knew there would be lots of mud puddles. And by mud puddles, I mean flooded, impassable “streets”.

But we took a chance, deciding that we could at least drive on the beach, even if we couldn’t go behind the dunes (where most of the flooding takes place).

We only saw eight horses, but I was pleased with the pictures I was able to get.

Although it was chilly, it was a beautiful sunny day.

Isn’t this a striking horse? Love the blonde (flaxen) mane and the white feet.

This stallion looked our way as he crossed the road in front of us.  We, of course, were stopped to let them pass.

And then there was this one up on the dune.


As I was writing this post and thinking back on the day, I was reminded of these lyrics to a favorite (of mine) “oldie”:

“Hi, hi, hi, beautiful Sunday-
This is my, my, my beautiful day.
When you say, say, say, say that you love me,
Oh my, my, it’s a beautiful day.”
(song lyrics by Daniel Boone and Rod McQueen)

~These Days Of Mine~

6 responses to “Limited Access, But Enough

  1. I would agree with your assessment of it being a BEAUTIFUL day. Just look at the color of that sky! ‘Your’ horses are gorgeous, as always. Sometimes they look like they’re posing for you!

  2. Looks like clear skies and at least a few of your “friends” around the beach to make for some great photos as usual.


  3. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Maybe few horses but beautiful photos. The day was lovely Chuck and I were traveling back from Asheboro, NC.

  4. Another great beach day ! I can look at the pics and tell it was cold .. but you got some good pics ! My fave here is the one at the top of the dune …

  5. So incredibly beautiful. It shows how much you appreciate them in your photos. I would give anything to live around those lovely horses, roaming free and so close to houses. I even envy the people that live in the homes the walk by, next to, when you post photos of that.. sigh.

  6. Another beautiful day for you for sure!!

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