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Limited Access, But Enough

Motor Man and I were hesitant about going to the beach yesterday. That area had some heavy rain this past week, and we knew there would be lots of mud puddles. And by mud puddles, I mean flooded, impassable “streets”.

But we took a chance, deciding that we could at least drive on the beach, even if we couldn’t go behind the dunes (where most of the flooding takes place).

We only saw eight horses, but I was pleased with the pictures I was able to get.

Although it was chilly, it was a beautiful sunny day.

Isn’t this a striking horse? Love the blonde (flaxen) mane and the white feet.

This stallion looked our way as he crossed the road in front of us.  We, of course, were stopped to let them pass.

And then there was this one up on the dune.


As I was writing this post and thinking back on the day, I was reminded of these lyrics to a favorite (of mine) “oldie”:

“Hi, hi, hi, beautiful Sunday-
This is my, my, my beautiful day.
When you say, say, say, say that you love me,
Oh my, my, it’s a beautiful day.”
(song lyrics by Daniel Boone and Rod McQueen)

~These Days Of Mine~

Your Weekly Horse Report

I may not have a post EVERY week about the Corolla horses, but I probably don’t miss many weeks.

Here are pics from our most recent trip.  These two gave me some great photo ops:

Love the stance of the darker one in this picture; perhaps another horse spotted on the other side of the dune?

We also saw Raymond, the resident mule, again this week.  “Everybody loves Raymond”, especially our friend, Renee. She always comes to mind when we see him.

Inspecting a new fence perhaps?

I love the many old sprawling trees in Carova. This one made a perfect frame.

And, now for a bit of silliness.  As we ride the “back roads” of Carova, some things catch our eye that, at first glance, make us think we’re seeing a horse: garbage cans, barbecue grills, shrubs. (No, our eyesight really isn’t that bad; this usually happens from a distance.) Last week, Motor Man and I saw this tree, and both of us immediately thought of how much the top branches resembled a horse’s head.

Our trips to the beach always include talking, laughter, a picnic in our vehicle, enjoying all the sights…..and usually a little silliness thrown in for good measure.

~These Days Of Mine~



Best Escape

Although Motor Man and I have been to the Carova 4-wheel drive area of the Outer Banks when the weather wasn’t perfect, we usually try to plan our trips for pretty days.

Our most recent visit certainly qualified.

I’ve mentioned before that the ideal place to see the horses is by the ocean. Second best is on the dunes.

Horses, dunes and sand fences make for an interesting photo.

This beauty was strolling down one of the “streets”.   The horses have really started growing their woolly winter coats.

Lunch time.  I think I’ll have a side of shrubbery.

This next picture was my favorite of the day. It was taken from inside our vehicle (Motor Man lowered his window) with my zoom lens.

Folks visit the beach for various reason: to swim, fish, sunbathe, look for seashells.  Obviously, Motor Man and I have an entirely different reason for our trips, but my favorite acronym certainly applies to us:

BEACH: Best Escape Anyone Could Have.

~These Days Of Mine~


Come, Ride With Us

Motor Man and I are taking an early morning trip to the beaches of Corolla, N.C., and we would like to invite you to join us. Hop in the back seat, and buckle up: we never know what the condition of the sand will be. It may be a rough ride at times.

Since we “slept in” a little this morning, we won’t be there right at sunrise, but we can promise that the beach will be beautiful anyway.

stumps sand and sun 7-24-2016 7-01-17 AM

Look!  This is what we like to see in the distance: horses down by the ocean. At this point we say: “At least it won’t be a zero (horse count) day”.

horses ahead 7-24-2016 7-03-24 AM

Although we are happy to see the horses anywhere, the ocean usually provides the best backdrop.

horses at sunrise 7-24-2016 7-04-39 AM

Since we don’t see any other horses further up the beach, let’s drive over the dune and see if we can find some on the “sand roads”.

Aha – seems we aren’t the only ones to have slept in this morning.  (As always, although it looks as though we’re close to the horses, there’s an ordinance requiring humans to keep a distance of at least 50 feet.  So our “zoom” lens gets a workout at the beach, then I often crop the photos once uploaded to the computer to bring the images in even closer.)

morning nap1 7-24-2016 7-52-33 AM

A cattle egret is hitching an early morning ride (and probably enjoying a nice breakfast of insects off the horse’s back).

horse and cattle egret 7-24-2016 7-57-37 AM

It’s always a thrill to drive over a dune and spot a gorgeous stallion standing on another dune. Zoom lens in action again. Now you know why the camera is in my lap the entire time we’re on the beach. You never know when you’ll have a photo op.

horse on dune 7-24-2016 8-26-23 AM

And lucky you: we don’t often see the resident mule, Raymond. Seems we caught him munching on a sea oat stalk.  And did you spot the dragonfly that photobombed Raymond’s picture?

raymond and dragonfly7-24-2016 7-20-39 AM 7-24-2016 7-20-39 AM

Wow, those couple of hours sure flew by. Let’s cross back over the dune and drive along the ocean as we leave the 4-wheel drive beach.

dune and ocean 7-24-2016 9-47-31 AM

It was a nice horse-viewing morning: we saw a total of 29. That’s about average; we’ve been a few times and not seen any, and the most we’ve ever seen was around 75.

You’re welcome to join us anytime – we love having company on our trips to see the horses.

~These Days Of Mine~