Poetic Thursday: Lonely In Lost Springs

It’s Poetic Thursday over at Two Spoiled Cats AND here on These Days. I loved this week’s photo inspiration.

Here’s my poem:

Lonely In Lost Springs

A population of one in this little map dot;
an old mining town that time forgot.

A lonely vista with no neighbors in sight;
no nearby houses to light up the night.

No traffic noise, few passing cars:
the perfect place to gaze at the stars.

A population of one: lonely or blessed?
It just depends on one’s outlook, I guess.

And, as usual, the photo prompted not only a poem but also a little research on my part. I learned quite a few things about Lost Springs: the town is located in Wyoming and was first inhabited in the 1880’s.  It was named by railroad workers unable to locate the spring that showed on their maps. After being incorporated in the early 1900’s, the population was once at 200. By 1960, the census showed a population of five, and in 2000, that number was one. The mayor, however, disagreed with that figure, saying there were actually four residents at that time. The 2010 census showed a population of four.

And I thought I grew up in a small town.

~These Days Of Mine~



11 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Lonely In Lost Springs

  1. that is a super question… lonely or blessed…

  2. Great poem……………..it’s a very “lonely” looking photo and I knew it would inspire some interesting poetry this week. Next week’s will too I think!!


  3. Ohhhh Dianna what a great poem to perfectly describe what it must be like:
    love the lonely or bless.
    My husband said wonder where there is now I can tell him and also he will enjoy the info about the railroad naming it. He is a train brain
    Hugs cecilia

  4. You have found another talent. I loved it.

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love how you make the poems your own. Great job, my friend. Your right even our Surry has more people, who knew.

  6. Great name for a little spot, and a great poem to go with it ! what a history !

  7. I googled Lost Springs but didn’t get an answer that made sense – glad you were able to find it was in Wyoming and add a bit of information !

  8. Wonderful thoughts in your poem. There are days that I think a town of one would be good, but only for one day. I LOVE my people too much for more than that.

  9. Poignant poem and picture, so moving. Appreciate the extra research, too! How interesting.

  10. I absolutely loved how you ended your wonderful poem – being lonely or blessed does depend on our attitudes. 🙂 I also really enjoy it when you research the photo and tell us the back story.

  11. that looks very much like where I grew up – open, vast, tough. And thanks for researching the town – neat story 🙂 MJ

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