Majestic Monday

The most often used word to describe eagles would likely be ‘majestic’. (For those of you who saw my Facebook post about the eagle in our yard, please read on: there are new photos in this post.)

Last Wednesday evening, Motor Man and I were sitting at our kitchen table, having dinner. Something outside the window caught our attention, and we soon realized we had visitors in a nearby tree.

At first, there were two: one on the branch above this one, but that one didn’t stay but a few minutes.

Knowing he would fly away should I open the door, I took pictures from the kitchen window. I soon discovered that an upstairs window provided  a better opportunity. (I wonder if his ‘eagle eye’ spotted me?)

I took lots of pictures, and can’t decide on a favorite.

Then I decided to venture outside to try to get a better shot. I was doing okay until I stepped on a twig, and off he went.

Yesterday afternoon, Motor Man and I arrived home, and he glanced out our kitchen window. He whispered: “Look at that!  Get the camera!”.

We were happy to see him back in our  yard, and hope that’s a sign of things to come.

But, almost immediately, we wondered if he may be injured.  I opened our back door and, intentionally, wasn’t quiet about it.  He quickly put our minds at ease. (Later, I researched and learned that eagles DO “sit” on the ground, apparently for long periods of time.)

I apologize for disturbing you, our majestic friend.  Please visit again soon, and stay as long as you like.

~These Days Of Mine~




7 responses to “Majestic Monday

  1. They live up to the title of majestic for sure…….we see them here from time to time but not as often as we’d like to!


  2. Yes, they do spend periods of time on the ground. They are truly majestic. They’ve nested on the farm I grew up for decades, and we’ve enjoyed watching and listening to them. Their call is unique. So glad you have them to enjoy – and for sharing them with us.

  3. Great shots! I remember seeing them when we lived in the neighborhood. Now we are lucky enough to see them in our neighborhood in TN too!

  4. Wonderful pictures! I have not seen an eagle for a while!!

  5. It would be awesome if you have tenant eagles .. I imagine watching them would never get boring – and since they’re apex predators, you don’t have to worry (much) about anything harming them !

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a magnificent visitor to have. Love the pics, Dianna.

  7. Amazing! You got some great shots. My granddaughter and I saw an eagle swooping through the air and settling on a tree while we were driving home from her preschool one day recently. We were both so excited, I had to pull the car over (on one of our country roads) and dig out my cell phone to try to get photos of it. She talked about it the whole way home and kept saying, “Nana, I never saw an eagle before!!!”

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