Comedy Show

I find myself, more than ever, looking for something to smile or laugh about these days.

Although the squirrels are so annoying hogging all the bird seed in our feeders, they do provide us with some entertainment along the way.

This feeder is just outside our kitchen window, so we have a front row seat for the daily squirrel show.

I couldn’t help but laugh at seeing the bird seed that had collected on this guy’s (gal’s?) tummy.

‘scuse me, squirrel….um….you have a little something there in your teeth on your belly.

I do believe this show has the potential to be a hit. Stay tuned.

~These Days Of Mine~




5 responses to “Comedy Show

  1. Those little guys are very entertaining – so are all the other animals vying for a piece of the action. Two days ago I had put a bowl of food out for our visiting cat which he was happily munching when I went back to the kitchen. Five minutes later I went out to see if he was finished so I could get the bowl and there were two BIG FAT Raccoons having a disagreement over what few pieces were left in the bowl – one would pull the bowl over to himself and grab a piece and as soon as he did the other would pull the bowl over to himself and do the same thing. There were just a few bits of kibble left so they made short work of the kitty’s leftovers. They were SO hilarious. I know they heard and saw me as I watched – nothing like a little WILDLIFE ENTERTAINMENT!


  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the show. Now for the Encore! We know there’ll be one. Our squirrels are few – so far – this spring. But we’ve picked up a peacock that roams through the back field every few days. So far he hasn’t come close to the house, but he’s so pretty. Wonder who he belongs to….

  3. He sure is determined and provides a great laugh!! Better than TV!!

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So funny & cute!! Our squirrels do the same thing but have never seen it on their belle lol.

  5. Our pets are always entertaining us but animals in the wild are funny too.

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