Poetic Thursday: Grandma’s Store

It’s Thursday, once again, and time for some poetry with Pam and her boys at Two Spoiled Cats.  Each week, they  host Poetic Thursday, and it’s always fun to participate.

Today’s photo inspiration was so special to me.

Although it’s much smaller, it immediately brought back memories of my grandmother’s country store. Here’s my poem for this week:

Grandma’s Store

Beside the highway sat Grandma’s country store,
where you could buy canned goods, candy, chips and more.

Hoop cheese by the pound, and stick ‘baloney’, too.
A gingersnap with that cheese? Don’t mind if I do.

It was a daily stop for local folks,
who poured peanuts in those ice cold Cokes.

Warmed by the wood stove in winter’s cold;
around it, countless stories were told.

At Christmas, cardboard ‘Co -Cola’ Santa signs:
had we only known to save them at the time.

Screen doors in the summer with the Nolde bread ad;
us kids slammed those doors. That made our moms mad.

On a nail by the door, Grandma’s brown crocheted hat,
made by her. Sure wish I’d thought to save THAT.

In the evening, Grandma’s store was where
her family gathered, more stories to share.

That old store holds memories, both happy and sad;
it played a big part in the childhood I had.

I was fortunate to be given this old family photo taken in 1955, in Grandma’s store. That’s my sister, Rose, on the left, and my aunt, uncle and cousin, Lona, also sitting on the counter. To Rose’s right is the holder of butcher paper that Grandma used to wrap the meats she sliced for her customers. At the lower right corner of the picture is just the edge of the old wood stove.

Grandma’s store is all boarded up now and covered with vines.

I pass by it occasionally. My eyes always look in that direction. And I remember.

~These Days Of Mine~


8 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Grandma’s Store

  1. such stores are like “home” I remember our village store, it was always filled with people who shared the news ,O)

  2. how absolutely wonderful, what memories. i love that you have the picture, everyone looks so comfortable and happy there. amazing it is still standing at all –

  3. Great memories – nice that you have that photo! There are still a few little “country stores” around WAY out from us in the mountains but when I see one I always want to stop and go in. They all seem to have the same aroma – which sparks my memory banks too! Thanks for being poetic with us every week………


  4. Memories just poured in as I read your poem – perfect, by the way. Peanuts in a Coke almost did my hubby in when he was a boy – aspirated the peanut into his lung. Nolde bread – they even sponsored a kid’s TV show that was taped locally – we got to appear in the audience. LOVE, LOVE the memories. I even remember going in your Grandmother’s store. SMILE!

  5. aleenkna@yahoo.com

    Beautiful! I just remember her always seated, and those wonderful scented and shaped soaps I played with each visit. I guess th

  6. This brings back wonderful memories from childhood of the two country stores we went to Tommy Delks and Sam Whites. This is much more special for you since you remember your grandmothers store and a picturem! My dad’s dad had a country store next to the house he grew up in, just a mile or two from our house, but it closed in the 40’s when my grandfather died. Since an uncle lived in the family home, we went by there often. As a child, I always loved seeing the outside of it, although boarded up, with the old fashioned gas pump, but always wished I could have seen him and the store it when it was open. One keepsake I have is a journal that he recorded sales of goods with names of local folks purchases. There was a page for each person that he ran a tab. Sweet, sweet memories♥

  7. Joyce M. Westphal

    Loved this.

  8. What wonderful memories that photo brought back to you! You shared them all so well with us in your poem. 🙂

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