A Bittersweet Smile

My friends and family, as well as my readers who’ve been following my blog for a while, will remember my cousin, Lona. She and I were first cousins, born six weeks apart and grew up as close as sisters.

Lona spent the last couple of years of her life at a nearby convalescent center. Our mutual friend since childhood, Janet, and I visited her often. Her visitors frequently brought cards and little gifts to cheer her.

This was one of those cheerful gifts that I’m sure Janet also remembers.  Just a simple little (probably dollar store) solar dancing flower to bring a smile to her face. In fact, during her time there, she received two of them.

And when she was gone, I asked her brother if I could keep one.  It’s a reminder of all the visits we had where those little dancing flowers made us smile.

Lona passed away 6 1/2 years ago today (I realized that when I was scheduling this post).

And her little flower is still dancing.

And still making me smile.

~These Days Of Mine~

7 responses to “A Bittersweet Smile

  1. It’s nice that you have Lona’s “flower” as a memento. Those little flowers are so cheery. They sell those at our local Mail Center and they ALWAYS make me smile when I enter their shop. Enjoy your day!


  2. I love that you have that physical and visual reminder of her. ❤️

  3. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a sweet reminder of Lona. She was a special person and I am blessed to be be able to call her a friend. I did not realize she has been gone that long.

  4. That is so touching, what a sweet treasure to have as a reminder of her!

  5. Wanted to add.. I think I will look those little ones up now and maybe get one or two. Sure does sound cheerful.

  6. Such a sweet reminder of your sweet cousin. ❤

  7. Yes, Those dancing flowers did make us smile, as did the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Time has a way of slipping past. I too, didn’t realize that it was 6 1/2 years – sometimes it seems like yesterday. What a good friend she was, and she loved my girls. I have a couple of precious pictures that she took of them. She was a GREAT Preschool Sunday School teacher to them and many others. Thanks for causing us to remember today.

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