Poetic Thursday: The Beauty Of Our World

Time once again for a little poetry on Thursday with Pam and her ginger kitties at Two Spoiled Cats. Each week they provide us with a photo inspiration for the following week’s poem.

This beautiful picture is our inspiration for today’s poetry:

Here’s my poem:

The beauty gives us pause.
The beauty brings us peace.
The beauty calms the soul,
and puts the mind at ease.

The beauty of our world,
a gift that’s free to all,
gives us smiles, takes our breath,
and makes us feel so small.

The beauty may be hidden away,
and it is at those times,
we search a little deeper,
and give thanks for what we find.

~These Days Of Mine~



6 responses to “Poetic Thursday: The Beauty Of Our World

  1. Underneath all the worries tucked away in our minds are those things we are most thankful for and in the quiet moments we can focus on them. I love this image and considering how things are in the world right now, I knew that when we all wrote our poems this week we would take a deep breath and let all of the BAD go long enough to express the calm that we can clearly see in the photo. Thanks for your beautiful poem!


  2. A picture and poem that I can lose myself in. Thanks for the calm this morning. A reminder that the peace of God is still with us.

  3. A beautiful poem with beautiful words that so appropriately fits the photo!

  4. perfect poem for this photo … “peace” and “ease” as a close rhyme … well-played ; )

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A beautiful poem full of peace and comfort. Loved reading it this morning. Wonderful way to start the day. Well done.

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