Balloon Adventures

Our friend, Mark, has been busy with hot air balloon flights over the past few weeks. Autumn is a great time to fly. So I thought I’d share some recent photos.

Many of the flights happen early in the morning. Some of you know how much I love that time of day, so it’s a great time to catch the sunrise. A little fog is just a bonus.

Mark has a few friends who also have balloons, so sometimes it’s a 2-balloon flight.

One of the flights was booked in order for a fella to propose to his girl. He was a bit shy, though, so waited until their flight was over,  and the crew was busy packing up the balloon. I happened to glance behind me to see this…and snapped a picture.  They were surprised and happy to have a photo of this moment.  (She said yes.)

It’s always fun to catch the balloon’s reflection in one of our many waterways around town.

As Motor Man and I are ‘chasing’ the flight, I try to find interesting shots. The passengers and I exchange email addresses, and I share the pictures with them.

And, very appropriate for the season, this reminded me of a Christmas tree ornament.

You may recall that Motor Man and I took a balloon flight in June of 2019, on my birthday. That day we flew with Mark’s friend, Reed, in the Remax balloon. Just recently, Motor Man was ‘surfing the web’, and discovered this video from that day. This was taken by a journalist flying in Mark’s balloon, and there’s one shot of us in the Remax balloon. (You can’t really see Motor Man, but he’s there.) If you’d like to read about that flight,  click here. Credit for this You-tube video goes to The Virginian Pilot, our local newspaper.

Each balloon flight is different:  the launches take place from different locations, depending on wind direction, the landings are also mostly determined by wind, there are different passengers for each flight, and the photo ops are never the same.

~These Days Of Mine~



7 responses to “Balloon Adventures

  1. I didn’t see a video to watch but re-read the older posts from your birthday flight. I know how much you and JR enjoy being balloon “buddies” for Mark!


  2. P.S. got to see the video – not sure why on my first read there was no link showing but this time there was! YAY!

  3. WOW!!!! You’re a lot braver than I am. That was amazing video. Sweet proposal and love the Christmas ornament. Great pics all around.

  4. Beautiful! And so wonderful of you to capture that special moment for you that couple! ♥ Even though we’re birthday twins, I just realized that we are polar opposites, you’re a morning person and I definitely am not!! So thanks for sharing what a sunrise looks like! lol!!

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So pretty and what fun to catch the couple.

  6. Awesome pics! I really like the ‘balloon ornament’.. It’s only happened a couple of times, but it’s always fun spotting them off in the distance .. nice vid, too …

  7. Such great photos — I really like the one where the balloon looks like a Christmas ornament! Perfect timing, Dianna!

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