Daily Archives: January 1, 2021

Happy Birthday, Motor Man

Today, in addition to a brand new year, my Motor Man celebrates his birthday.

One year ago today, to celebrate a milestone birthday for him, we threw a big party at our local community center. Remember the days when we could have large gatherings? Many of our friends have commented that Motor Man’s party was the last event they attended before Covid and all the restrictions it has brought.

I thought that, today,  I’d share a few photos from that party.

Of course, racing was the theme:

To open the party, we welcomed our guests.  Obviously, something I had said caused Motor Man to ‘roll his eyes’.

Our friends, Nancy and Clay, and their band performed.  They were so entertaining.

Our guests:

And we all sang “Happy Birthday”.

Today’s celebration will, of course, be low-key and much different than last year’s.

But the wish is still the same: Happy Birthday, Motor Man!

~These Days Of Mine~