Daily Archives: January 11, 2021

Winter Beach Report

It had been a couple weeks since Motor Man and I went to the four-wheel drive beaches of Carova, NC.  So that was our day trip yesterday.

Although there were a few other cars, we basically had the beach to ourselves.

Temps were in the 40’s, but the sun was shining, making it a beautiful day.

We didn’t recall ever seeing this much sea foam.  And the stumps are evidence of how the landscape has changed over hundreds of years.

Travel on the beach itself was relatively easy yesterday; in fact, for much of the time, we weren’t even in four-wheel drive.  But, venturing to the other side of the dunes was a different story. You can just imagine what our vehicle looked like after a day of driving through areas like this.

We know that, during the winter months, the horses spend much of their time back in the brush, protected from the severe weather. But, yesterday, we saw 22, so they were out enjoying the sunshine.

Just look at that thick, fuzzy winter coat.

(Note: there is an ordinance prohibiting humans from being within 50 feet of the horses. If the horses appear closer in my photos, it’s because I use a zoom lens and/or crop the picture once it’s downloaded to our computer.)

And, as our visit was coming to a close, we spotted this beauty on one of the dunes.

We can safely say that all was well at the beach on this winter’s day.

~These Days Of Mine~