Daily Archives: March 22, 2021

Family Treasure

Several years ago, thanks to my blog, I was reconnected with some cousins that I’d not been in touch with for many years. Over the weekend, one of those cousins, Carol, sent me a photo by FB messenger. Carol’s dad, Stanley, was my mom’s youngest brother.

This was the photo Carol sent.

Rose May (Mae) Ellis was my maternal grandmother.  She operated a little country store for many years, including during my childhood. It was located about a half mile from my home, so Mom and I visited her every day. I have SO many memories of time spent not only in Grandma’s living quarters at the rear of the building, but also (an especially) in that store front. It was a meeting place for Grandma’s twelve adult children and their spouses and children.

And I wager that those keys in the photo above fit this old white Ford that was the last car she owned. (That’s my late cousin, Lona, on the left and me on the right.)

Here’s another view. I’m surprised the photographer could get a good picture of  us two busy little girls.

But there is a question, for which we most likely will never have an answer: Grandma lived in Virginia, Uncle Stanley lived in Pennsylvania. Why would he have her keys? (Most likely, she just had the one set to the car). My only guess is that these were found in her belongings after she passed away, and Uncle Stanley kept them as a remembrance of her.

I just love family treasures, and I’m glad that Carol does, too.

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