Daily Archives: March 24, 2021

Windowpane Wednesday: Deck Ducks

For several years, we’ve had a small group (usually six or fewer) of Mallards that we feed. It’s amazing how those little ducks watch for us at the kitchen window, know our vehicles when we come in our driveway, and waddle around to our side of the house if we’re working in the yard.

A few days ago, I glanced out of our living room window to see these two UP ON THE DECK. (They didn’t realize that the unsightly extension cord didn’t make for a pretty photo op.)

Since they were already there when I noticed them, I don’t know if they came up the (three steps) or if they flew up there.

But apparently, I hadn’t been quick enough to provide breakfast that morning. And yes, I remedied that situation quickly.

~These Days Of Mine~