Daily Archives: March 8, 2021

To The Beach

Motor Man and I hadn’t been to the four-wheel-drive beach in six weeks. The main reason was because of all the wet weather we’ve had (which means flooded roads at the beach), plus in the winter, horse sightings are fewer.

So Saturday we took a drive to Carova beach.  This was one of the three horses we saw. They’re still wearing their winter woolies.

It was a pretty day, but the beach had some rough driving areas. In most cases, if you can, driving closer to the water is the easier route. As you can see, there weren’t many other vehicles vying for that area.

Many of the ‘back roads’ (the roads on the other side of the dunes) were impassable.

We could possibly have seen more horses, but we didn’t want to take any chances on driving through areas like this:

So: quick trip and few horses. But the sun was shining, and we enjoyed our ride.

~These Days Of Mine~