Daily Archives: April 7, 2021

Windowpane Wednesday: Majestic, Part 1

Last Thursday afternoon, when Motor Man and I arrived home, I glanced out of our kitchen window. As I’ve shared here many times, you just never know what you’ll see when you look out on our yard.

How does this not get your attention?

But, soon, someone else entered the picture. What IS this? And why does the eagle seem to flee (and not very gracefully)  in fear of it?


Thanks to Marshall’s research, it appears that an immature eagle made an appearance. He blends into the background so well in this next picture, it’s difficult to make out his features.

And, another video, showing the immature eagle cowering as an osprey flies overhead. The other eagle moves even closer to the deck.

WHEW! It really IS a zoo around here.  Tune in next Wednesday for “Windowpane Wednesday: Majestic, Part 2”.

~These Days Of Mine~