Daily Archives: April 19, 2021


My love-hate relationship with the deer continues.

Motor Man and I really enjoy watching the birds at the feeders outside our kitchen window.   But the birds and squirrels aren’t the only ones who enjoy those feeders. Our Ring camera captured this party one night last week.

So ‘yours truly’ had the bright idea to install a fence. I just misjudged how high it should be by….oh, about 6 feet or so.

Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy… (video is dark, but should be easier to see in full screen)

Someone on a neighborhood web-site offered me some pointers, which should have been obvious: for one, the fence really isn’t a problem for the deer. So now, I’m thinking of providing them their own feeder outside the fence. Perhaps that will save my perennials (out of view in the pictures/videos above).

Time will tell.

~These Days Of Mine~