Windowpane Wednesday: Boo! Shoo!

Occasionally, we have buzzards (or vultures) descend on our property. It isn’t that they prefer us: we see them in other folks’ yards in the neighborhood.  Most of the time, they’re on the ground, but I have seen them on roofs and even deck railings……ugh.

Do you know the proper term for a group of buzzards?  I took this from the internet site “BirdFact” : “The term or name for a group of vultures varies depending on where they are, although the generic term is a flock. When they are flying in formation, they are referred to as a kettle. When they are resting in a tree or on the ground, vultures are called a committee, and whilst feeding, they are known as a wake.”

So, a few days ago, we had a COMMITTEE of vultures in our yard. And as unsightly as it was, I snapped a rather appropriate Halloween week picture through our bedroom window:

Yes, that ‘committee member’ was perched on a small pumpkin we had placed in our flowerbed.

“BOO”…. I mean “SHOO”!!

~These Days Of Mine~

6 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Boo! Shoo!

  1. They are a very unattractive bird compared to their fellow flyers – the turkey buzzards are the ugliest though. I know bird lovers will say I’m wrong and all birds are beautiful, BUT……..well……….I’m sticking with the “ugly” adjective for these guys!


  2. I will agree with your “ugly” adjective! But what a great Halloween picture. As with all pictures – it’s being in the right place at the right time. You definitely have the gift for that.

  3. I agree with the comment above. Those birds are ugly!

  4. .. I shudder to think of what might hatch out of that pumpkin if that vulture sat on it for long enough …
    … sorry .. going with the Halloween theme … ; )

  5. Ha ha, but so perfectly situated!

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