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Poetic Thursday: Not My Style

As I usually do on Thursdays, I’m joining Pam and her kitties at Two Spoiled Cats for Poetic Thursday.

Before we get to the poetry, though, I’d like to mention that I’ll have a special Friday post this week. Tomorrow I’ll share my annual These Days “Halloween” post. 

Now on to Poetic Thursday!

Our inspiration photo for this week:

Are you ready for my poem?

Not My Style

This ‘fashion’ has me shaking my head:
give me jeans and a comfy shirt instead.

And the purpose of those shoes?
Not for walking, must be to amuse.

Does anyone really wear these clothes?
Or just the models at fashion shows?

If we saw this ‘get-up’ in our little town,
we’d think the circus had lost a clown.

With all ‘due’ respect to the fashion industry.

~These Days Of Mine~