I Said Yes

Twenty years ago today, Motor Man asked me to marry him.

And I said “yes”.

This picture isn’t even from that time period; I’m sharing it just because I like it.

The song “Wrapped Around” by Brad Paisley was released just three months before we became engaged. Motor Man took a little good-natured ribbing from some of his buddies because of that song.

It seems appropriate to share this video today. I love the opening:

And, yes, Motor Man, I’d say “yes” all over again.

~These Days Of Mine~


8 responses to “I Said Yes

  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. CONGRATS!! What a loving, caring, and comfortable together couple! Love to both of you.

  3. What a great picture and happy life.

  4. Sweet post! Love that the song was so appropriate at the time too! Those lyrics are the best!!♥♥ And it makes perfect sense (since we have lots of parallel life events) that y’all had a short engagement too!…ours was about 3 weeks longer but same time of the year, fall proposal and winter wedding!♥

  5. Love it! You two were made for each other. ♥

  6. Congratulations on 20 ! Time flies when you’re having fun !
    &, yes, that is a good pic …

  7. Happy Proposal-a-versary!


  8. Congratulations – and many more !

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