Santa Came Early This Year

Most of my readers probably don’t know that I used to play the piano.

I began taking lessons when I was nine years old. THIS is how I know that:

Somehow, I’ve managed to keep up with my first lesson book. AND, although I can barely read the filled-in- blanks on the “Certificate of Merit”, I can see that it was signed and dated by “Miss Cecile” upon my completion of that book: July 4, 1963.

Seeing those little gold stars I earned on the pages brought back sweet long forgotten memories.

Probably around the time I was ten years old, my mom scraped together $25 and purchased an old upright piano and stool from an elderly neighbor. They had been stored in a barn, so you can imagine the condition. I’m sure the piano wasn’t in tune, and some of the keys never played. But I was so proud to have a piano. It was in our living room, which wasn’t heated in winter, so I’d practice til my fingers couldn’t take the cold any longer.

I think I took lessons for about four years, and as a young teenager, began playing the piano in church.

When Marshall’s dad and I married, we had that old piano moved to our house. It’s still there where Marshall and his dad live.

Just look at those little tippy-toes

A few months ago, I began entertaining the idea of having a piano again.  This time of year, I miss playing the old Christmas hymns.  But not knowing what would be involved in bringing my old piano ‘back to life’, I decided it may be better to just find something a little newer.

Last week, Motor Man was on Facebook and saw a piano listed on Marketplace  by an acquaintance of ours.

And so it began: arranging delivery, rearranging furniture, looking through storage boxes for sheet music and hymn books…

To say that I’m ‘rusty’ would be an understatement. The last time I touched the keys on a piano was November, 2003, when I played for a senior citizens’ Christmas program that Motor Man’s mom directed.  I enjoyed that so much. Prior to that, it had been nearly 20 years.

So, poor Motor Man and Sundae are now enduring my practicing as what I learned so many years ago slowly returns.

We think it looks right at home.

~These Days Of Mine~


9 responses to “Santa Came Early This Year

  1. I want to cry this is so lovely!
    What priceless memories have been resurrected. Love the picture of Marshall.
    And what a great job of making the piano look like it was always there in your house. So cozy
    I am so glad Santa came early!!

  2. Oh it certainly does look right at home….and so do you sitting there playing it! Pianos need to be played – you will make that piano happy as you play Christmas songs and other beloved music and I know as you move your hands across the keys your own heart will soar. Making music is so fun and satisfying. Marshall on tippy-toes – you should frame that and put it on the top of that piano……


  3. Definitely right at home in its new location ! – & I’m really happy you’re playing again – I know you’ve missed it.

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A perfect treasured Christmas gift for sure. It looks beautiful in its forever home. I know your heart is busting.

  5. How lovely to recreate memories and then turn the memories into today’s happenings. Enjoy your piano. I’m sure that both motorman and your fairy friend will enjoy it too as you get better and better at playing it

  6. Perfectly at home! You’re a natural. I share great memories of playing with you on Sunday mornings. And I remember that first lesson book too. It was mine also. Enjoy!

  7. It’s funny how much “muscle memory” will come back to you, even after decades, when you attempt a task that you had once mastered.

  8. It’s perfect and you are going to have so much fun with it! I had that same book. Sadly , I did not stay with piano lessons but I am lucky that Chris plays. Enjoy!

  9. How absolutely wonderful! It will all come back to you and you will find so much enjoyment playing. I don’t play as often as I used to, but every once in awhile, I sit at our piano and play for a good hour or so. Does the heart and soul good. Enjoy!!

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