Sunday In Berlin

On Sunday, Motor Man and I traveled to Berlin. Berlin, Maryland, that is. A few weeks ago, we met someone who mentioned the town and suggested that we visit.

We checked the town’s web-site and learned that they offer… horse and carriage rides on weekends in December. Motor Man twisted my arm until I agreed to go.

Oh, and they also have three huge antique malls. More arm twisting.

We drove across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel not long after sunrise. I was able to determine that this is an ACL (Atlantic Cargo Line) cargo ship. We weren’t familiar, so I did some quick research and learned that these vessels are the largest container ships built, they’re more efficient and ‘greener’ than those built in the past. And it made for a nice picture in the early morning sun.

The carriage rides in Berlin began at 11, but a couple of the antique malls opened at 10. So I did some shopping, then we stood in a short line for the carriage ride.

We would later learn that the horses are Heflingers; that’s John on the left, and Bonnie on the right. I do believe they were posing for me.

Be sure your sound is on:

One of the folks working with the carriage company took our picture prior to the ride.  There’s a little glare involved, but I like Motor Man’s smile.

And after the ride, another photo op.

On our way home, we had dinner at Kelly’s Pub in Cape Charles, one of our favorite restaurants.

Another fun day trip in the books.

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7 responses to “Sunday In Berlin

  1. Wonderful adventure day!
    You didn’t say how you did in the antique malls….
    Beautiful carriage and horses,
    and like you, I liked Motor Man’s contented smile!

  2. Sounds like a good choice for a day trip. Looks like the arm twisting was worth it. As always – great pictures of a great day.

  3. What a wonderful trip! Great adventure!

  4. That had to be a whole lot of fun. Always nice to see a NEW town too and if the shopping is good AND they have free carriage rides – it’s just about perfect!


  5. I’m sure that arm was hurting real bad …. ; )
    I really like that carriage – and the bells just add the finishing touch …

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What fun adventure too discover a new place! On top of that the town had things you so enjoy. Great pictures.

  7. Another fun carriage ride for you and MM! How great! You know there’s a Berlin, Ohio too that is quite a popular spot. Check it out sometime.

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