Windowpane Wednesday: Blue

Our area is experiencing winter… REAL winter weather (for us) right now. Yesterday’s high temperature was in the low 30’s with wind chills in the teens. That’s cold – for us.

I’ve mentioned here before that I once (mistakenly) thought that bluebirds were only in our area during the warm weather months.

This was taken just a few days ago.

I bundle up and try to be sure the feeders are regularly filled with meal worms. And we just ordered a heated bird bath for our little feathered friends to help them through the winter.

It’s like a little bit of springtime on a cold winter’s day.

~These Days Of Mine~

9 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Blue

  1. Oh wow! And planning a hot tub for them too – 5* birdotel.

    • Shirley Matthews Dunn

      Wow, the birds are going to love the heated bird bath! They may have to file flight plans to come into the Keen’s yard. Lol

  2. Didn’t know they made ‘hot tubs’ for birds! Love it! And aren’t they beautiful? They definitely live up to their nickname – ‘Bluebird of happiness’ because they can make us smile on the dreariest of weather days. They’ll appreciate the ‘reward’ of the ‘hot tub’.

  3. We have so many more birds this winter than before – I think the warm spell we had fooled a lot of them. We are filling our feeders up every other day. True that the squirrels help themselves as well as the deer but there are a LOT of birds too! I’m sure your bluebirds appreciate those meal worms and the heated bird bath will be nice for ALL the birds.


  4. Wow that’s wonderful! I’m thinking the extremely warm weather we had recently has confused a lot of the birds! Last week I heard a lot of chirping outside. But now that winter has finally arrived It’s great that you’re taking such good care of them♥

  5. Incredible shot! How sweet that bluebird looks!
    Can’t wait the see and hear about the heated birdbath!

  6. Nice! It’s been very cold here, but we are used to cold winters. But it’s been so windy, our bird seed keeps blowing out of the feeders and onto the ground where I’m afraid other critters are scarfing it up! 😦

  7. That’s a good idea – it’s been tough a few nights here recently …
    I like the feeder photo – I wonder what the bluebird thinks about the bird ‘statue’ ?

  8. I just put one little feeder back out— had taken them all down due to squirrels, deer, raccoons and bear. We will see how long they last. Your little buddy is adorable.

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