Sunset, Geese And A Butterfly

Our weather has been a bit unpredictable recently.  Spring temps have been hard to come by here in southeast Virginia; winter doesn’t seem to want to ‘give it up’.

Last week, we had a couple of stormy days, which included severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings.

Friday afternoon, I glanced out to see a beautiful sky. I didn’t even stop for the real camera, but made sure my cell phone was in my pocket as I raced outside.


I’m afraid several Canada geese were disturbed by my sudden appearance. Unfortunately, they quickly forgave me and were soon back in our yard.

I know how quickly the sky changes, so I lost no time in getting out to the point.

This little butterfly chair is several years old, and is showing signs of wear. But I love catching the sun setting behind it.

It was still lightly raining as I was getting these pics.

….totally worth getting rained on…

~These Days Of Mine~

6 responses to “Sunset, Geese And A Butterfly

  1. Ahhh….butterfly at sunset… makes a perfect “frame” for old man sun!


  2. These pictures were worth running for (the video of you hustling would be great!)
    and making the geese get some exercise! Plus their flight made a great “photo bomb” over sunset.
    Such serene pictures!

  3. Oh how beautiful, and the movement of the geese were a nice addition to the photo. Beauty as the storm fades – WOW!

  4. .. & just like that … it’s a firefly bench … !

  5. Those are beautiful photos.

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