Spark On Monday: Just Garden

Welcome to another “Spark On Monday” here at These Days. Each Monday, a quote or saying is shared to perhaps encourage others.

The blogger who began this meme ( Annie McGuffy at McGuffy’s Reader) is no longer blogging, but some bloggers are carrying on the tradition.

I follow a Facebook gardening page, and, over the weekend, another member shared this image:

My family and friends know that one of my favorite things right now is ‘puttering’ outside in the yard and flowerbeds. It hasn’t always been a hobby of mine, but with farming playing a big part in my family’s past, I guess it’s just ‘in my blood’. Maybe it just took a while for it to surface.

Although the image above is extreme, I’ve known for quite some time that just being outside is good for my soul.

We can’t do much to change the world, but we can tend to our little corner of it.

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “Spark On Monday: Just Garden

  1. Love this
    “We can’t do much to change the world, but we can tend to our little corner of it.”
    There are many “corners” that need tending- homeless shelters, animal rescue and so many more. Helping in one little corner will make a difference!
    Good week to you Dianna!

  2. I enjoy my little corner of the world too although keeping a large garden is in my past. But the plants I do have are my “friends” and I do what I can to nurture them. It is a nice escape – and plants listen whereas a lot of humans don’t. LOL


  3. There’s just something about dirt under the fingernails and the smell of the freshly-turned soil. It’s in my bones too – grew up farming. I find tending my corner relaxing and refreshing – even worth the sore muscles later. Great for my mental health.

  4. in a way, this reminds me of that saying about each person “sweeping their own porch” in order to keep the world clean…

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A wonderful spark and certainly describes the times we are living in.

  6. I LOVE Marshall’s quote!

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