Windowpane Wednesday: Mischief

My friend, Donna, and I share many interests, one of them being gardening. We follow a gardening ideas Facebook page, and always share photos of plants and ideas for using vintage items in our flowerbeds.

I can’t recall which one of us originally saw this dragonfly rock art idea, but I know it can be found on Pinterest.  Yesterday (in the midst of the coastal storm winds we’ve been experiencing), I finally put this together.

This morning:

And I’m thinking we have captured our suspect in this photo.  Or it could possibly have been what look to be the 50-pound raccoons that visit every night.

At least it isn’t as disheartening as destroyed flowers.=, but I have a feeling this will be an ongoing battle.


Never, in a million years, would I have ever thought of creating a dragonfly from rocks….

~These Days Of Mine~


8 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Mischief

  1. Cute idea…. I suspect that squirrel didn’t do that kind of damage but the raccoons sure could have!


  2. YOU saw it, and shared with me! Such a clever idea! AND I am excited to try, and thanks for generously picking up a chosen bag of rocks for me for my creation!

  3. LOVED the idea – so eye-catching! Now to catch the culprit! Surely they didn’t thing it was supper!!!

  4. Really neat idea! I would bet on the raccoon instead of the squirrel to be able to pull that vandalism off. After all, those raccoons wear masks! Ha-ha! 😉

  5. Well, I think it was a cool dragonfly –
    And I’m definitely going with the raccoon theory …

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Love the awesome dragonfly! I have to agree with everyone about the raccoon.

  7. Bet on the raccoons for rearranging your rock art. At least it can be restored,,,

  8. reneewilliams7

    Wow!! So loved the dragonfly. Great idea! Sorry the creation got a little disjointed!

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