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Wildlife Wednesday: Thank you And Goodbye

Today, I have a sweet wildlife Wednesday. It’s a bit lengthy, but please bear with me.

On June 1,  I happened to look out our bedroom window and saw this turtle in our flowerbed.

Since it was digging with its hind feet, I thought that it was most likely a female, preparing to lay eggs. I snapped a quick picture to use for a Windowpane Wednesday post.

Later, as I walked by the flowerbed, I took this picture.

And a few hours later, I noticed that she had moved over to a spot between a liriope and our deck.

And, as of Saturday morning, June 4, she was in that same spot. She’d sort of dug herself a little trench there, and sometimes when I’d check on her, she would be turned in the opposite direction.

I couldn’t help but think that she just wasn’t doing well. Most of the time, she was resting her chin on the mulch.  So, on Monday, I posted on Facebook, asking if any of my friends might know someone I could call for turtle information.  A friend gave me the number for a nearby city park. I called and spoke with a ‘turtle expert’, who suggested that I mist our visitor with a garden hose.

Here’s a video of that (keep in mind that I was video-ing and misting at the same time). As you can see, she almost mowed down my hibiscus as she was walking.

That was the most I’d seen her move for several days. I was hopeful, but soon, she was back in her little dugout. And was still there the next morning.

So I misted her once again, and she came out into the flowerbed.

And right after I took this picture…..  She. Winked. At. Me. I took my teary-eyed self in the house to tell Motor Man what had just happened.  He went to the window and told me that she was heading for the gate. (Her entrance/exit was the space below the gate.)

I went back outside in time to get this video of her heading to the river:

And no one will ever convince me that her wink wasn’t a combination thank-you and good-bye.

~These Days Of Mine~