Horsepower: His And Hers

Last week was a busy one for Motor Man and me.

We left early Tuesday morning for our trip to the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis. Along the way, we stopped at a friend and engine customer’s place in Ohio. Motor Man needed to deliver some engine parts to him and pick up some from him.

Oh, and they have horses.

Meet Story:

And this is Arrow.

And sweet little Indy.

I had lots of fun with Indy; loved those little horse kisses.

And she liked nuzzling my hair.

All too soon we had to leave. After all, we WERE heading to Indy for a racing show.

But, wait!  The night we arrived in Indy, we took a carriage ride. Our horse’s name was Rumor.

Yes, a real man rides in a Cinderella carriage if that’s the one his wife chooses.

It’s a big joke among Motor Man and his friends that I have my horsepower, and he has his.

We spent much of Thursday and Friday at the racing industry show, where we met a few racers. On the left is our good friend, Larry (aka Spiderman. He holds the world record for the fastest time/speed on a top fuel motorcycle).  Between him and my Motor Man is Angie Smith, who also races motorcycles.

I met Clay Millican, an NHRA champion. It’s fun to meet someone whose name you hear on tv quite often.

On Friday evening, we were treated to the play, A Christmas Carol, by our friends (who have the horses mentioned above). We had a great time, but sadly, we didn’t think about having a picture taken of the four of us.

Saturday, we made the 12-hour trip home. Our kitties were glad to see us, and we were happy to be back at home.

Keeping up with his and hers horsepower can sometimes be a bit tiring.

~These Days Of Mine~




6 responses to “Horsepower: His And Hers

  1. Busy trip for sure! You’re right – it’s great to meet up with friends (and horses) but as we get older it’s tougher to do….. Sounds like a great time though. The horses are all gorgeous.


  2. What a fabulous trip!
    LOVE the comment “JR has his horsepower and I have mine”-hilarious!
    So excited you got to see such a well produced play.
    A great trip encompassing all things you both love, horsepower of all kinds! Merry Christmas ❤️‍🩹

  3. BUT, y’all have the RPMs to do it! And what a fun trip you seemed to have had. You definitely make every event and Adventure! Good for you!

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wow you really did have a busy fun week. Extra was seeing all the horses.

  5. Horsepower everywhere !!
    Great pics, and it looks like you made a few new friends !

  6. Tiring trip, but oh, the fun you two had!

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