Sunset And Ice

Motor Man and I travel across the roughly four-mile-long James River Bridge several times weekly go to to the nearest city, Newport News. That’s where we go for shopping, restaurants, doctors’ appointments, etc.

Monday evening, we’d been to dinner and on the way across the bridge, noticed ice (and probably some “foam”)  on the water’s edge on the Newport News side. Later, we were coming home around the time of sunset, and thought we may have a photo op.

The original James River Bridge opened in 1928, with two lanes, and was replaced in the early 1970’s, with four lanes.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen ice like this. (And I realize our neighbors to the north are laughing at that.) In the background is a little waterfront restaurant, The Crab Shack.  During warm weather, boaters stop, tie up their boats and enjoy a meal.

Warmer weather is in our forecast for the end of this week, so I’m guessing “all” our ice will be gone.

~These Days Of Mine~


7 responses to “Sunset And Ice

  1. What amazing pictures!!
    I also liked the history involved. As children we would go across that bridge on holidays. It seemed so long and loud. We all had nightmares.
    The ice pictures were incredible (for Virginia)
    Happy New Year!

  2. Pretty photos……..looks cold and with 50s on the way you’re right about this scene being short-lived (at least for now!).


  3. As you know, we’re used to ice and snow but it’s no laughing matter for those of you down South. Still, it made pretty pictures, didn’t it?

  4. Like I said when you sent a couple of these to me : Arctic … it doesn’t even look like a view you would get around here …

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It certainly does not look like it belongs here. Great pictures just the same.

  6. We saw it too when we crossed over the bridge earlier this week. I’m fascinated when I see it because we really don’t see it that often. Great pictures.

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