In A Fog

Our area had quite a bit of fog over the past weekend.

Thankfully, although it was dense in spots, the visibility was such that driving wasn’t difficult.

And it did make for some pretty photos.

Late on New Year’s Eve afternoon,  the fog just appeared and started lifting upward. I went out by the water to get some pictures. This was the walkway out to the marina.

A layer of fog over the water;

I thought the reflection (‘under’ the fog) of the trees was interesting:

It was a little eerie to be at eye level there by the water:

But my favorite fog picture was taken the next day as Motor Man and I crossed the James River Bridge.  These are cranes at Newport News Shipbuilding with the thick fog over the James River in the foreground.

Faith is like radar that sees through the fog — the reality of things at a distance that the human eye cannot see.  ~ Corrie Ten Boom

~These Days Of Mine~



9 responses to “In A Fog

  1. These are wonderful pictures. We have been in a fog here as well and today thunderstorms!

  2. Wonderful fog pictures!! I couldn’t pick a favorite. One looked like we were in the clouds above!

  3. The fog has been amazing hasn’t it. We don’t have water views but the fog is super interesting in the woods too….a little scary/spooky! Love that quote.


  4. Really great photos, Dianna! Fog moved up here as it’s a little dense out there this morning.

  5. Fog definitely adds a certain touch ….
    & that’s a nice floating crane …. ; )

  6. Wonderfully ethereal! We crossed on the ferry one of those mornings and were treated to amazing views also. WOW!!! You really captured the mood.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The fog pictures are beautiful.

  8. Such a small world. I left a comment on your ‘about’ page, and then read another post. My grandparents lived in Newport News and then Hampton. I used to fish off of Red’s Pier with my grandfather. There was a park nearby with swings and ducks we used to feed. I miss visiting this area. A lovely place in the world.

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