Poetic Thursday: Help

It’s our first Poetic Thursday of the new year. Thanks to Pam, Teddy and Angel Sammy at Two Spoiled Cats for hosting each week.

This week’s photo inspiration:

And here’s my poem:


They made an offer, but I politely declined.
What was I thinking: had I lost my mind?

A little dinner for family and friends,
and this is how my evening ends?

But,  they knew me better than I knew myself,
and now, they’ve all come back to help.

What would have been work will now be fun,
and in no time at all, this chore will be done.

~These Days Of Mine~



6 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Help

  1. My first thought was when were you at my house?😁
    Your treatment was perfect– let me help, no thanks to come one and all!
    Great first poem in 2023!

  2. I thought this photo would inspire some fun poetry! Nice that you have people who DO help…..most like to just let the cook do the clean up too……. LOL


  3. SWEET! We miss the fun when we don’t ‘let’ others help. Some good old-fashioned wet towel ‘fights’ come to mind! 🙂
    I agree – great poem to start the year.

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wow, what would have turned out to be work turned into fun. You hit a home run, Dianna!

  5. Nice !
    A job begun is a job half done !!

  6. I love it! Perfect poem for that photo.

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