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Tropical! (Continued)

I’m continuing today with happenings from our trip last week to Vieques, Puerto Rico.

How did we choose to go to that particular location? I’d never had any thoughts of going to Puerto Rico. But, in the summer of 2021, Motor Man and I went for a trail ride on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with  Esperanza Riding Company, owned by a young lady named Elizabeth.  She also owns a trail ride business in Vieques.  I’ve been following her on Facebook, and she posts some beautiful photos from those trail rides. I mentioned it to Motor Man a few weeks ago, and he said: “Let’s go!”.

So, with Elizabeth’s help, we started making plans.  She recommended airlines, rental car companies, restaurants and suggested we stay at Hacienda Tamarindo, the  hotel whose property joins the farm where her business is located. That was convenient.

On Tuesday morning, we arrived at her farm a little before 8 a.m. She and her assistant helped us get saddled up, and we were on our way.

It could not have been a more beautiful morning.

Elizabeth is so knowledgeable about the area and shared all the info with us. She told us about these two islands that we could see from our ride. The island on the right is Cayo Afuera, which means “Little Island Out”.  And on the left is Cayo de Tierra, or “Little Island of the Land”, which is attached to Vieques by a sand bar.

Elizabeth took us riding on two beaches, the first being Coconut Beach, named that because of the coconut palms. My horse’s name was “The Guy”, and Motor Man’s horse was “Dorado”.

Come ride along with us (sound on):

I thought I had videoed us actually riding IN the surf, but I didn’t. This is a still shot that Elizabeth took.

The second beach we rode on was the ‘black sand beach’, or Playa Negra.

Elizabeth was training one of her younger horses, so that’s why she was leading him:

Since we were celebrating our anniversary, Elizabeth wrote our initials in the sand within a heart. Sweet!

It was an amazing experience, one we’ll remember always. We’re so appreciative to Elizabeth for the wonderful ride.

The next morning, Elizabeth joined us for breakfast at Hacienda Tamarindo, where we were staying. It’s a charming setting, and the food was delicious.

We were in Vieques for two days, then flew back to San Juan for one day and one night. During our visit, we took a ride around old San Juan.

The trip went very well, and we’re glad we went. (But it’s always nice to get back home.)


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