Kitty Queen For A Day

I suppose I’m telling my age when I reference “Queen For A Day”; I remember that show being on tv when I was a little girl.

Sundae reminded both Motor Man and me of that show yesterday. I had just finished folding up a load of freshly laundered towels, and I suppose the warmth was just impossible to resist.  But, we don’t really mind a little kitty fur on our clean towels.

A few minutes later, I heard Motor Man ask: “Is being queen for a day that exhausting?”.

And I suppose it was.

We realize this is proof of the abuse Sundae endures; please don’t report us to animal control.

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “Kitty Queen For A Day

  1. I could take a day of that kind of abuse! She looks purfectly content.

  2. All cats have it tough, but I’m glad y’all let her stay in place ! 😉

  3. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    We all have our rough days!! lol Sundae is truly a blessed kitty.

  4. Queen Sundae looks pretty comfy on her throne. I remember Queen for a Day too…..!


  5. Donna Warthan

    So precious!!!

  6. Those are cute pictures. Fresh laundry is always hard to resist.

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