Daily Archives: March 13, 2023

Would You Like To Go To Dinner?

I’ve shared this picture here on the blog before. But today is a day worthy of sharing it once again.

You see, twenty-five years ago today, Motor Man and I went on our first ‘official’ date. Back in those days, we didn’t take pictures all the time like we do now, and I don’t think our cell phones even had cameras then.

This picture was taken about four months later, when we were visiting some friends.

We haven’t changed TOO much in these twenty-five years….okay, maybe that’s not altogether true.

The restaurant where we had dinner on our first date closed a few years ago, the building has been torn down, and a Krispy Kreme is now in that location.

So, tonight we’re planning to go out to  dinner and we’ll probably follow up with a doughnut for dessert. For old times’ sake.

~These Days Of Mine~