Daily Archives: March 6, 2023

March Sunset

What do you do when it’s Sunday evening, and you have no blog post for Monday?

You notice the glow of the setting sun on the boats at the marina, and you make the trek out to your side yard to capture what’s left of the sunset.

And you look forward to days in the not-too-distant future when the sun will be in a better position for me to get  sunset shots.

As I turned to come back to the house, I noticed the almost-full Worm Moon, and made a mental note to watch for it to rise tomorrow evening right after sunset.

After I composed this blog post, I saw that a friend had shared the following on Facebook, and it seems a perfect way to end this post:

To find yourself in awe over the stars and moon
during the night.
To feel grateful after a walk in
nature’s beauty.
To be filled with joy by a bird’s
beautiful song;
is to be rooted firmly in the
simple life,
able to embrace the gifts that
are there for each of us ..
~ A.Peerless ~

~These Days Of Mine~