We’ve had some very pretty sunsets the past few weeks, so I’ve been heading outside to snap a few pictures.

From March 27:

Canada Geese sailing by on that same evening:

The clouds ‘stole’ this one, but it was still a pretty amazing sky. This was April Fool’s evening:

And this was last night’s sunset. Notice the boat to the right? Such a pretty (if cool) time of day for a cruise.

On the evening the first two photos were taken, I happened to glance down at the ground near the water, and saw this:

I always love finding anything in the shape of a heart: rocks, shells, etc. A friend once told me that if there were anything heart-shaped on the beach, I would find it. This rock is not quite two inches tall, and the width is about the same.

I considered it a bonus to a beautiful sunset.

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5 responses to “Bonus

  1. Mother Nature not only gave you the gift of some beautiful sunsets but also that heart-rock. Lucky you!


  2. That’s a nice find …. I know you’ve been getting some good sunset shots lately – great collection for a post !

  3. Beautiful ! Thank you for sharing !

  4. What beautiful pictures. You really captured the mood – serenity – of the sunsets. The heart was such a bonus for you.

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Breath taken photos & what a bonus to find the heart shaped rock.

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