Daily Archives: May 8, 2023

Air Power

When Marshall was a young boy, he was very interested in jets. He could look up at a jet flying over and tell me what it was, F-14, F-15, F-16, etc.  If he was at school, and I saw one, I’d mention it when he got home. Then he’d ask me questions about the wings or the cockpit, and I wouldn’t have a clue. Our area is home to several military installations, so we were able to attend a few air shows during that time. We always had a good time.

This past weekend was “Air Power Over Hampton Roads”, an air show at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, officially known as Joint Base Langley Eustis. It was the first time since 2018 that the event has taken place.

Motor Man and I happened to be in the area yesterday and caught some of the action in the skies as we were driving down the highway. These are the USAF Thunderbirds.

And they flew right over our vehicle. I was wishing I had the camera, but my cell phone filled in nicely at the spur of the moment. It’s a very quick video, but you get the idea.

Marshall doesn’t have the same interest in jets as he did years ago, but seeing this flyover sure brought back the memories for me.

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