Daily Archives: May 22, 2023

Rat Rod Ride

A few weeks ago, Motor Man and I stopped for fuel at a local gas station. At a nearby pump, we spotted a ‘rat rod’ that we hadn’t seen before.  If you’re not familiar with that term, click here to read a post I wrote back in 2010.

At the gas station, we chatted for a few minutes with the owner and learned that he lived in the area.

Yesterday, as we arrived at our shop, we saw the rat rod stopped in our parking lot.  The driver had pulled over to take a phone call. Once again, we stopped for some conversation, and Motor Man invited him in to see our shop. Proper introductions were made, and we officially met Brandon.

Later, Motor Man asked if he’d take me for a ride. How cool is this?

I am always ready for a ‘rare’ ride. Brandon told us the body is a 1930 Ford Sedan.

I had to ‘cheese’ a bit for the camera:

Motor Man took a couple of videos:

Oh, and at the beginning of this next video, you can see Brandon’s ‘passenger’ that he took out to make room for me to ride.  Wait for it…

Thanks, Brandon, for a ‘cool ride’.

~These Days Of Mine~