Street Rods – Part 2 – Rat Rods

Yesterday’s post was about Street Rods with the pretty paint jobs, etc. Those are the vehicles that the owners keep clean and polished, put “do not touch” signs on, and watch over very carefully when they’re out in public.

Even though Rat Rods have the same “last name”, they are not in the same family as street rods. Most probably, the term “rat rod” was coined because the idea is to find an old vehicle (usually a truck) in a barn, then use whatever cast-off items you can find to make the vehicle your own.

Motor Man tells me that although rat rods have gained popularity in the last few years, guys were actually creating their forerunners 40+ years ago. They would find an old junked vehicle, then gather parts from here and there, put everything together and come up with something they could drive. They didn’t call them rat rods then, but that’s basically what they were.

Rat rods do NOT have pretty paint jobs.  They most certainly do NOT have nice interiors, but most of them DO have performance engines.

Rat rod owners are very creative in personalizing their vehicles! This one has a (rubber) rat on top as well as one hanging out of the grill.

The back of this rat rod has a message: “all riders, tetanus shot required”. That pretty much sums up a rat rod.

Guess this next rat rod ride is for the passenger who didn’t heed the caution on the previous one.

For Rat Rodders, beauty really IS in the eye of the beholder.


10 responses to “Street Rods – Part 2 – Rat Rods

  1. Cool PICS…

  2. Most interesting. I guess you saw a little of everything this past weekend.

  3. I like the “Rat Rods”. Even I could build one of those. Wonder if Doris would ride in one???????

  4. Funny … I didn’t comment on this one… I figured I would today, since it’s such a POPULAR post !!!

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  6. Something new to my Wisconsin mind! WOW! I can imagine many of my relatives relating to this article…who knew their vehicles were part of this eclectic movement! The mind is so creative and we have a way of building remembrance and joy into our creations! Wonderful entry!

  7. I am going to share this on my Facebook page and forward it to those I think may enjoy reading it as much as I have!

  8. It is so lovely to be AMAZED! isn’t it? For me, it is the creativity involved in the minds of the men or women refurbishing their vehicles…it is the love and care they put into their creations…it is FUN…and different…and memories—and YOU thought enough of it all to put it into writing! HOW AMAZING is that—you brought out and put it altogether for us to enjoy all over again…for me, the first time…Your creative writing touched the JOY SPOT of many people! Congratulations! I think you deserve the SUNSHINE AWARD and I just am nominating you for it at this very moment! YOU brought SUNSHINE to us! I will send you icon image link and acceptance “rules” (wish they would think of a better word for “rules”–I will have to research…I am such a rebel!)…….shortly! Have a sunshine day yourself!

  9. I was just watching ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ on TV last night, and he featured a Rat Rod builder who sells his creations to wealthy clients for several hundred thousand dollars! Quite different than the Rat Rods you and I probably see at local car shows!

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