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Farmer’s Market, Bikers And Curd

Our local Farmer’s Market is now in full swing….every Saturday morning.  This past weekend, the weather was perfect, so my friend, Donna, and I went to have a look-around.

Usually Donna finds more to buy, but this week, apparently, it was my turn. I bought some “natural” mosquito repellent, some wool dryer balls (which will, supposedly, lower drying time and reduce static electricity), and this cute little kitty face sun-catcher, which I can assure you is NOT fragile.

kitty face1 4-6-2015 7-39-24 PM

I also found this gorgeous wreath, made of burlap strips.

wreath 4-6-2015 7-21-19 PM

But what Donna and I will always recall about our Saturday happened in one of the antique shops we visited when we left the Farmer’s Market.  They were offering samples of lemon curd, which Donna tried, but I did not. As we were leaving the shop, we noticed a “biker” couple that was also leaving.  They were dressed in leathers, and Donna struck up a conversation, asking if riding was difficult with the breezy winds we were having that morning.

We learned that they were from Delaware, staying in Williamsburg, and would be traveling Route 10 that afternoon.  Donna and I became on-the-spot Virginia Tourism experts and told them all about Bacon’s Castle and Smith’s Fort Plantation: two historic properties they would pass on their way to the ferry to Jamestown/Williamsburg. They were very interested and said they would probably stop to visit.

After this sincere conversation, which lasted several minutes, we said our farewells. The man then pointed to Donna’s blouse and quietly said: “Ma’am, you have a little curd right there.”

Immediately, Donna and I practically collapsed in uncontrollable laughter.  Perhaps “you had to be there”, but we probably won’t ever think about that day without laughing.

And you just have to wonder: how often does a leather-clad biker have occasion to use the word “curd”?

~These Days Of Mine~